National Allicance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)

(Last Updated On: 9. Mai 2013)

Die National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) war mit ihrer damaligen Leiterin Amy S. Langer Gründungsmitglied bei der National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC).[1]

Von der Pharmaindustrie gesponserte Brustkrebsorganisation, die zum 30.06.2004 aufgelöst wurde.[2] Barbara Brenner,  Geschäftsführerin von Breast Cancer Action bis Ende 2010 schreibt in Erinnerung an die Geschichte dieser Organisation in ihrem Blog >>> Healthy Barbs in ihrem Beitrag Helping each other – it’s not so hard

The breast cancer lesson – re-learned

That exchange of information outside the restroom in Ashland reminded me of a phone conversation I had back in 2004 with a woman named Amy Langer, the founder and CEO of an organization called NABCO – the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations. NABCO was a national organization, but it wasn’t really an alliance of breast cancer organizations, and the kind of information they provided reflected the enormous amount of funding that NABCO got from the pharmaceutical industry – but that’s a topic for another blog.) Amy had called to tell me that NABCO was closing. One of the reasons was that the kind of support that NABCO offered to breast cancer patients by connecting them to each other was, in Amy’s view, going to be less and less needed, as more information became available in other ways.

I thought Amy was wrong then. People always want to connect with others who have had experience with whatever they are confronting. A website or a book doesn’t do the trick. The number of calls and emails that Breast Cancer Action got when I was there (and still gets, I’m sure) from women wanting to know something they can find out only by connecting with others with breast cancer, as well as the ongoing appeal of support groups for people who are ill, is a testament to how wrong Ms. Langer was in 2004.“

[1] The Anguished Politics of Breast Cancer von Susan Ferraro, New York Times Magazine [08/15/1993] [2] Breast Cancer Action: Newsletter#82–Jul./Aug. 2004, NABCO Closes Its Doors v. Michelle Hall:

„After 18 years of operation, the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) closed its doors on June 30. NABCO served as both an umbrella group of several breast cancer organizations and a national clearing-house for information related to the disease.

Throughout its history, however, NABCO went the way of the vast majority of breast cancer groups, building its programs and priorities with extensive funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Some referred to the group as a wholly owned subsidiary of this industry. To its credit, NABCO provided a wealth of information on breast cancer for almost two decades, including the well-known Breast Cancer Resource List, and launched the first national breast cancer organization web site back in 1995. In ceasing operations, NABCO shut down its web site as well.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology is housing information on its web site (, search on “NABCO”) regarding NABCO’s dissolution, including the final dispersion of NABCO’s materials and funds.“



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